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Questions about finding rental houses

“How to choose a room type and find an ideal roommate to share the rent?”

Under this requirement, using multiple applications and a lot of time to do the search is necessary.

First, we start with student housing

“How to choose the most suitable renting place for myself when I don’t know the environment near the campus?” -  Student in CSU East Bay

“Rental housing has always been one of the things that must be deal with for students. When looking for a rental location, the convenience and public security brought by the nearby environment have always been the most important considerations. How might we provide environmental information to students unfamiliar with the area where they will live?”

— Problem Statement

What are the main housing considerations ?

Solution Highlight                          My Role

As the UX/UI design consultant in the project,
I produced include:
-Problem Statement
-User Interview
-User Research
-Competitor Research
-User Testing
-Product Typography & Colors
-Final Product

Final Prototype

Final Prototype

When working on the Nest Hero project, from problem to research and demonstration, I learned how to integrate a large amount of data into practical and real-time plan content. The most significant gains from user interviews and user testing are how to raise questions about the overall product. Each user has different ideas and can iterate the product step by step to a complete user experience. The project management of a one-person team is the most challenging thing in implementing the project. The focus of this project learning is how to effectively arrange which priorities need to be implemented and record every task performed in the process. Through renting behavior, we can understand the critical points of each user in understanding the renting source and what facts are often overlooked.

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