Taipei Citizen Service Platform

UX design
Taipei City Government
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UX design
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Mission of today’s gov website

“Provide a cross-organization e-service platform for citizens to apply online”

However, too many service could make most wanted features for users being buried deep in the website.

First, We start with one service

“It take forever to rent a place for sport at the gov website” -  citizen live in Taipei

“The Citizen Service Platform provides more than 1,400 services.  How to integrate the original, diverse information and streamline the user application procedures by introducing user-centric design optimization strategies?”

— Problem Statement

Solution Highlight                          My Role

As the UX/UI design consultant in the project,
I produced include:
-Problem Statement
-Target Audience
-Design challenge
-User experience research
-User Flow

Solution 1

Improve homepage search guide text and information classification method.

Solution 2

Optimize advanced filtering function, index label

Solution 3

Simplify the rental process, easy to complete in three steps

Project Summary

1. The government agencies' website is often used as an integrated platform for related services, so the scale and amount of information are complex. Useful information classification and info complicated structure will enable website users to understand the service items' content, find the service they need, and use the service smoothly.
2. In applying for various businesses, an acceptable form of design will help citizens understand and fill in. Make good use of existing design patterns and follow the existing design guidelines so that users can use similar operating procedures and methods under different work requirements.
3. For websites with rich content and complex information, a good visual hierarchy plan will help read and understand information.
4. The process design is one of the frequently used interfaces, such as application and appointment. Re-plan and design the application process, simplify the steps required by users, merge or delete non-important information and pages, not only make the key processes prominent but also increase the fluency of users in the process.

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