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The UXI design team is creating an image webpage for the new Giant brand "Momentum," newly launched in the US market. For Momentum, it wants to bring users a sense of youth, leisure, and low-cost market positioning. When creating UI design, I hope The vitality element is fully presented on the web page, bringing the user a complete experience.

My Role

As the UI designer , I produced include:
  • Mood board
  • Color plan
  • Graphical User Interface

Mood board

In the mood board stage, we start with the users' emotions brought by the brand and find out the brand colors and the colors that we can match. Then, in terms of a textured design, we find elements that we can add to the design through the value brought by the brand.
The blue sky elements are used to enrich the overall design style, and the sun element corresponds to the Momentum brand color. Also, use irregular graphics integrated into the flow of winds brought by riding brings out the feeling of the three-dimension world. The overall style is brought into the street-style images, showing vibrant style.

Color plan

The color plan starts with Momentum brand color: red as a call to action choice. Pair it with black as a contrast to make the buttons more outstanding in the content. Moreover, the primary colors are white, blue, and orange. The colors are used together to make the overall vision present a colorful effect, showing vitality, street, and dynamic.

Graphical User Interface

Three elements:Vivid, Street, Dynamic

The GUI style starts with bikes make more that connects to the 3E content below. The overall main style presents a sense of the street, allows the text to be like graffiti. The picture is also present in black shadows to improve the contrast between the image and the background, plus Irregular graphic combine with directional shapes that show Momentum bikes' wind flow. Show the explanation of street culture and riding spirit.

Project summary

In this task as a UI designer, unlike the previous projects I have done, I need to focus on the user's process but use colors and images to express the spirit and brand characteristics that the customer brand wants to convey. Especially when looking for a design that can represent vitality, use irregular graphics to collage images with a sense of street and spirit.

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